Staging Advice - Where to Get Rid of Books?

Where to get rid of Books?

I've noticed that over the years one of the hardest things to part with & pass on are books. Many people 'used to be' avid readers and have now changed habits with online reading and Kindle devices.

Books are very sentimental and not to mention HEAVY! I've got a few places to take all your books as many charitable organizations will NOT take them.

So where to take them?


Schaumburg Library

They will take them & possibly sell them at their book sales. You must put them in boxes & take them to the Library dock where they will take them out of your car & give you a donation receipt. You MUST CALL TO TELL THEM YOU ARE COMING.


Meijer in Bloomingdale

In the parking lot nearest the gas station, Meijer has a white book depository where you can give away your books. No donation receipts here.


Immanuel United Church in Streamwood on Church Rd.

In the front parking lot there is a deposit bin there. They will also take magazines here.