Selling your Schaumburg Area Home as a Short Sale


A short sale can turn what looks like a dire situation into a positive outcome in which you still maintain control of your property until the closing day. If other measures have failed or you have chosen not to take part in a loan modification process, you can still have a dignified outcome by selling your home.

One of the main benefits of a short sale is that you will be protecting your credit rating. Most lenders will not file a ‘deficiency judgment’ against you for the money owed after the short sale. This is not the case in a foreclosure proceeding. All monies owed plus attorney’s fees for the foreclosure action will be collected possibly forcing you into bankruptcy.

I can explain a complicated process from start to finish and answer your questions on what will happen and what to expect during the short sale process.

I have gathered a knowledgeable team that will get your short sale successfully closed.


Seller costs would be $0 for commission and $0 for attorney’s fees.


Short Sale Qualifications

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