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Step by Step of the Selling Process!
Seller Closing Costs
What costs are involved with selling a home?
Short Sales
Understanding Agency - hey who works for who?
Consumers guide to what legal responsibilities your real estate agent has to you and to other parties in the transaction. Make sure you know the guidelines for Illinois. Who works for who around here?
Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling your Home
  • VIDEO These are the biggest blunders we see sellers make when putting their home on the market! You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
  • The Dangers of an Unreasonable Asking Price
    5 Items to Consider Before Reducing the Price
    Selling your Home - Tips on how to get through it!
    Top 5 Mistakes Home Sellers Make
  • 10 Best Kept Secrets for Selling your Home
    HGTV gives their best advice and tips on selling your home in this challenging market.
    Why a Home Doesn't Sell
  • VIDEO Reasons why a home languishes on the market. What are the successful elements?
  • What to do if your Home isn't Selling?
    Ten tips in this tough market to improve your selling possibilities!
    Top 5 Issues that Drive Buyers Away!
    Staging will absolutely help your home to sell
    Features That Date your Home
    Top 10 Ways to make your home 'Fit to Sell'
    Turning your Home into a Model Home
    Staging Your Home Yourself
    Deal Makers for Home Buyers
  • VIDEO What are the key areas that buyers will be looking at? What will they be looking for?
  • Preparing your Home for the Right Buyer
  • VIDEO It's important to know the profile of your potential buyer.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Staging
    What Main Rooms to Stage?
    Good Furniture Placement and Lighting Staging
    Do you have Curb Appeal?
    How Staging Helps Depersonalize your Home
    Prepacking is a necessary part of Staging
    Painting makes great Staging Sense
    Maybe you should change your Flooring?
    Shouldn't you really be making those Updates and Repairs?
    Let's Talk about Air Quality
    No Nudes is Good Nudes
    When too much of something is showing!
    HGTV Top 10 Home Staging 'Do's and Don'ts'
    6 Worth the Price Fix-Ups
    Put your energy and money where it will give you the most WOW factor with buyers.
    Top 35 Selling Secrets
    HGTV's Designed to Sell gives tips and suggestions for more money!
    Staging Photos 'Before and After'
    20 Staging Tips for Selling Your Home
    20 Low-Cost Ways to Spruce up your Home
    Fireplace Remodeling
  • VIDEO Tired of that ugly fireplace of yours? There are plenty of new products to bring it back out of the 70's or 80's with very little cost. 'This Old House' explains how.
  • Mantel Makeover for your Fireplace
    7 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odors or 'stinky, stinky, stinky'
    Moving with Pets
    Gives advice for taking your furry friends with you happily!
    Understanding Capital Gains
    Tax Aspects of Selling a Home
    Different scenarios are given with regards to capital gains and selling your home.
    Tips for Packing like a Pro
    Where Do I Get Rid of Books?
    Goodwill Locator
    Good place to donate your unwanted stuff to a great cause.
    Salvation Army Locator
    Donation Centers and how to schedule a pickup in your area.
    PODS Storage & Discount
    Selling in Schaumburg Short Sale
    Selling in Hoffman Estates Short Sale
    Neighborhood Activity Report