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Mortgage Information from Soup to Nuts

Mortgage Glossary

Mortgage Calculator - compares two fixed rate mortgages for total costs (FHA vs. Conv)

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Budget Worksheet

El Supremo Mortgage Calculator - This is not for the faint of heart but it includes:

Consolidation of Non-Mortgage Debt; Additional Payment to Principle; Break even point on Mortgage Fees;

Shorter term mortgage vs. longer (15 years vs. 30 as an example).



Credit Information from Soup to Nuts


 8 Ways to Improve your Credit

10 Things you should know about Credit

Credit Score Primer

How to get great Credit

10 Things a Lender Needs from You

Interest Rate Chart - this shows how much 1/4% increase in your interest rate costs you. Don't forget your FICO score decides what interest rate you will get! This really punches you in the face with the facts!

Closing Costs associated with a Mortgage

Average Closing Costs per State

Understanding your Credit Score

Components of your FICO Score