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Hire an Agent - What Lyn can do for you!
Buying a Home Needs Experience
Considering a Home Purchase?
5 Common First-time Homebuyer Mistakes
How an Agent Can Help You
Why Buying a Home is not like Buying a Box of Cheerios!
Real Estate Dictionary
10 Suggestions to take the Trauma Out of Home Buying
10 Tips for Successful Home Buying
10 More Tips for First-time Homebuyers
Things to Consider when Purchasing a Home
Things for Buyers to Consider Booklet
Buying a Home on a Fast Timeline
Basics of Making an Offer
Agency in Illinois
Mortgage Terms Glossary
Mortgage Calculator
Down Payment Assistance
Need help with your Down Payment? I can help with a couple of programs.
Budget Work Sheet and 8 Steps for getting your Finances in Order
Components that make up a FICO score
Understanding your Credit Score, FICO Score Info
8 Ways to Improve your Credit
10 Things you should know about Credit
Credit Score Primer - What Buyers Need to Know
How to Get Great Credit
Interest Rate Chart (different from the payment calculator located at upper right)
Mortgage & Credit Crash Course
Explanation of the Good Faith Estimate - Video
10 Things a Lender Needs from You
Closing Costs
What are closing costs ..... types of closing costs ..... amounts of closing costs? Am I gonna get another headache?
Buyer Closing Costs - Averages - State by State Ranking
What's going to happen at closing? Explanation of your closing statement (HUD-1)
Closing Documents You Should Keep
What your Home Inspection Should Cover
Never give up your right to a Home Inspection.
Common Home Defects found on a Home Inspection
These are the most common defects and problems found on home inspections.
House Terms & Components Glossary
Defects and Disclosure
Know your rights before you inspect a house!
Foundation Cracks
This house isn't going anywhere - or is it?
Plumbing System Explanation
How does your plumbing work in your house? What are those pipes for?
Pests & Unpleasant Visitors (but not your in-laws!)
Radon Explanation
Illinois Radon Law
Buyers will not become bound by a contract unless the seller provides two new pamphlets to the buyer regarding Radon.
Home Warranty? Is it a good idea?
You can be covered as a Seller ..... You can be covered as a Buyer. Exceptional 'Discount' given for all my clients!
Home Project/Remodeling Estimator helps establish home improvement costs
Project Calculator and Project Estimator
Home Improvement Costs
Life Expectancy of Home Components
PDF File from the National Assn. of Home Builders (NAHB) on life expectancy and product longevity of home components.
How long will things last?
Home Component Life Expectancy
Maintenance Must-Do's
Final Walk Through
What not to overlook on a Final Walk-through
Buyers traditional walk-thru and checklist before the closing!
5 Property Tax Questions Buyers need to Ask
Cost of Living Comparison
In three simple steps we'll provide a cost of living comparison. Just tell us your current city and where you'd like to move. We'll show your two cities side-by-side in all the categories you need, such as taxes, housing, food, and other costs.
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