The final walk-through should never be confused with a home inspection! At this point you are going to close any day now & go through the property to be sure that it is in the same condition was when you purchased it minus 'ordinary wear & tear'.

The infographic is just a little too simplistic for me as anyone can 'switch on the lights' but there are plenty of other things that you might forget. That's one of the great reasons I attend the walk-through with all my buyers.  I'm another set of experienced eyes.

Let's start with the basics that are pretty easy to see:

Are the appliances all there & do they look like the same ones that were at the home inspection?
Be sure that all major mechanicals work that are included.
Did you look behind the doors in each room & be sure that they weren't damaged?
Look for damage done by the moving company possibly on the stairwell or landing areas.
Did the sellers leave any 'caustic' gifts of paint, turpentine, stain in the garage?  Unless the paint matches currently painted walls all chemicals need to be removed by the seller.  Moving companies will not move anything in spray cans.  They also need to be removed by seller & are considered an environmental hazard.
Same as above only in the basement.
Check under all movable rugs for damage or staining.
If seller has agreed to repairs, those items should be looked at now.  Receipts for the repairs will be given to you at closing.