How an agent can help you ....


If you are currently in the market for your first home, you may be interested in how a real estate agent can help you.  You are about to make a great investment of both money and time.  I have a wealth of experience helping first time buyers like you make sound, informed decisions.

Did you also know that we don't cost you a thing?  That's right - zip, nada, zilch!

Here are some ways that a real estate professional can help you:

They can recommend home inspectors and go with you during the process to explain any concerns or repairs. These are just a few ways that a veteran real estate agent, like myself Lyn Sims, can help you in your journey towards buying your very first home.

More information for first time buyers can be found here on my website or by calling me directly. I'm confident that I can provide the kind of exceptional service that will make this process an exciting one. Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions you may have.


Having someone in your corner as your advocate will ensure every detail of your purchase is handled smoothly!  Looking forward to hearing from you!